Importance of Standards

Health Informatics is the application of Information Technology (e.g. EHR) for communicating, accessing, retrieving, storing and exchanging Health information to enabled quality, efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care in a safely manner (USF, 2016). In the 21st century healthcare systems, information such as patient demographic, lab tests result, scans and images, video training (tele-medicine), audio … More Importance of Standards

Group Accomplishment

Working as a group is often refers to as Team Work. Team work can be easily acheived when the participants understand clearly what each has to do without the complexity of status hierachy especially in a multicultural and diversity group environs. There are two levels of Team work I could think of based on the … More Group Accomplishment

ICT Ireland

Report On Some National ICT Systems.   Contents 1 Section 1 PICTURE ARCHIVE AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (PACS) 1.1 Section 1.1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Section 1.2 WHAT IS PACS 1.1 Section 1.3 PACS AND NIMIS 1.1 Section 1.4 WHAT IS NIMIS 1.1 Section 1.5 BENEFITS 1.1 Section 1.6 SUMMARY 2 Section 2 HEALTHLINK-ONLINE 2.2 Section 2.1 INTRODUCTION … More ICT Ireland