What Is Interesting?

A Health Informatics, an entrepreneur, a software developer who is interested in Health System implementing Information Technology and Connected Health (CH) approaches (Ecosystem) in all Healthcare Sector or Software implementing organisation. Interest encompasses the development of pathways via ardent research to discover the best patient-physician implementation that can be successfully operated in or with all stakeholders of Healthcare Systems. Interest also includes development, support and enhancement of software systems in organisations that implement Information Technology in
their system

As Health Informatics and a software developer

  • You could expect the development of new ideas and approaches to help both the Private and Public Healthcare Systems or related Software Developing Company to develop software applications (Website and Mobile), databases, pathways, architectural and system designs.
  • You could expect innovative ideas of the old software applications, databases, pathways system and architectural design that exists within the health care system or a software developing company
  • You could expect a System Analyst that will help establish the system requirements, needs for specific domain

As Entrepreneur

  • You could expect innovative and committed approaches to sales of new systems or products and the promotion of the old system for all healthcare vendors or related technologies.
  • You could expect business strategy implementation for management and goal settings for an emerging business organisation or systems as well as innovative quality structures for an established business.
  • You could expect a Business Analyst with keen interest in progressive PEEQP(Profitable, Efficient, Effective, Quality, Performance) of an organisation and implementation of KPIs for continuous progress


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