What is Connected Health

Connected Health is the combination of various Information Communication Technologies (ICT) that is available and channeling it towards healthcare sector to deliver care to patient when and where it is needed. It is the convergence of interoperable Technology, services and devices in such a way that it enhances patient independence and convenience in participating in their healthcare delivery, in collaboration with healthcare professionals. There are various terminologies that encompass the processes which when put together suggest the utilisation of connected health approach, such terminologies are eHealth, Telecare, Telemedicine, Telehealth, Home-base-care and mHealth. (BioBusiness, 2010)

  • eHealth– The predominant terms used in Europe that includes Electronic Health Records, TeleHealth and other Health Information Technology components. (BioBusiness, 2010)
  • TeleHealth– This is the delivery of remote services with both clinical and non-clinical methods such as research, medical education and administration. (BioBusiness, 2010)
  • TeleMedicine– This is the application of clinical medicine where Medical Information is transferred via telephone, internet or other networks for consulting, remote medical procedures or examination purposes. Telecardiology, Teleradiology, Teleneurology where Electrocardiograms are transmitted for clinical analysis purposes are all subset of Telemedicine. (BioBusiness, 2010)
  • Telecare– Is the use of social care services networking to provide care and monitoring for the vulnerable and elderly. (BioBusiness, 2010)
  • Home-based-care– A remote exchange of physiological and physical data between at home patients and a response centre( such as GP practice, Hospital, family or third party provider) to assist in diagnosis, condition monitoring and prevention. (BioBusiness, 2010)
  • mHealth– This is the most recent term that has emerge with the availability of mobile phones communication and the use of mobile phone technology in Healthcare. (BioBusiness, 2010)

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